Jessica Rowe is very, very honest about her love of Botox.

And it’s refreshing.

Jessica RoweStudio 10 host and owner of fabulous hair – is very open about her love of Botox. While many, many celebrities try to hide their fondness for the needle, Jess is one who’s out in the open. And good on her.

The 44-year-old posted a “before Botox” photo on her Instagram, taken before she – you guessed it – got Botox. And surprisingly, no one is freaking out.

Rowe has always been open about her penchant for injections, famously describing herself by saying “I use Botox and I’m a feminist.”

In a 2013 guest column for Sydney Morning Herald, Rowe defended her plastic surgery, saying it’s completely her choice.

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“I have made a choice to have the occasional jab, to smooth out some frown lines and look a little less world-weary,” she wrote.

“It’s a decision I have made because I want to do it. It’s not because I feel pressured by women’s magazines, or by my sometime profession as a news presenter, or the patriarchy.”

jessica rowe gets botox
Jessica Rowe and her husband, Peter Overton. Image via Getty.

Rowe has been by her husband’s, Peter Overton, side this week as the Channel 9 news presenter underwent an emergency operation on his spine.

Channel 9 reported the 49-year-old was in “constant pain” last week and lost feeling in his arm, which turned out to be a ruptured disk in his spine. Overton had emergency surgery to minimise the risk of nerve damage.

Overton posted a photo on Twitter of himself in hospital with Rowe by his side, thanking everyone for their support.

“He is doing really well, we got a bit of a fright over the weekend because it was quite sudden,” mum-of-two Jessica said, following the surgery.

It’s expected Overton will be back at work and painless by next week.

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What are your thoughts on botox? Do you agree with Rowe’s decision?