Jessica Rowe admits to “chewing” her toenails on Studio 10. Becomes our hero.

Image via Instagram (@jessjrowe).

We all have gross habits whether it’s peeing in the shower (don’t deny it), picking our noses or re-wearing dirty underwear.

But while might own up to them privately most of us would never admit to them publicly – which is exactly what Jessica Rowe has just done. On national TV, no less.

Discussing a segment on bad habits on Studio 10 this morning, the 45 year old told her co-hosts – and everyone watching – that she likes to pick her toenails and chew on them.

Yes, toenails.

“I like to pick my toenails. It drives my husband mad. I pick them and I chew them,” the Daily Mail reports her as saying. (Post continues after gallery.)

Like most of us, it’s a habit she’s tried, failed, and tried again to break by getting regular pedicures.

“Well, I know it’s bad and then what I do, is when I go and get a pedicure, when I think I need to change my habits, make my toes look nice and then I’ll stop doing it for a while,” she said.

Is it gross? Kind of. Are most of us guilty of doing the same thing or something similar? Most definitely. Should we take a leaf out of Rowe’s loud and proud approach? Hell yes.

Firstly, when you think about it nails are nails. While health experts probably don’t recommend introducing nail clippings into your daily diet, there are plenty of people who nibble at the finger nails in public, so who are we to judge Rowe for her habit?

Secondly, it’s a good reminder of the need to embrace who we are wholeheartedly – warts and all. Our gross habits are just part of who we are and absolutely everyone has them.


Rowe’s admission is just another reminder of what an incredibly open and honest woman she is. (Post continues after video.)

She’s spoken candidly about mental health, her marriage and her struggles with IVF in her recently released memoir Is This My Beautiful Life? and is praised by her followers for her refreshingly honest Instagram posts, including her #CrapHouseWife cooking series.

Oh, and she’s also not afraid to share the real glamour in her life either.

Image via Instagram (@jessjrowe)

Rowe recently posted a picture of her nose waxing equipment with the caption "Glamorous! It works... #crazycatlady".

If everyone was as open, we can only imagine how much more interesting a place Instagram would be. Keep it real, Rowe - we love you for it.

What's your bad habit?

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