Carrie Bickmore asks The Veronicas' Jess point blank if it was her plan to win Ruby Rose back all along.

Earlier this week, The Veronicas’ Jessica Origliasso confirmed that she and actress Ruby Rose are dating again, after an eight year hiatus.

On Wednesday night, Jessica appeared alongside her sister Lisa on The Project to discuss the pop duo’s latest single and her new romance.

After some small talk about the US election result, co-host Carrie Bickmore introduced the twins’ single On Your Side. “It’s about looking out for your ex, and Jess, you invited your real-life ex Ruby Rose to be in the video,” she said.


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“How did that all unfold?” Bickmore asked, to a collective “woooooo” from the studio audience.

“We’ve known Ruby for eight years…and we’ve stayed very, very close friends,” said Jess, adding that Ruby is “very close with our mum.”

“We played her new music from the album a few months ago and she really connected with this song and we asked if she’d want to be creatively involved with writing and directing the music video and be in it and she agreed which is incredible.”


“She agreed if you would be her love interest,” laughed Lisa.

Bickmore then asked whether it was Jess’ plan all along to win back her ex.

She told me ; how can I not believe in fate???? @rubyrose

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“Oh no!” she responded. “It was a surprise to both of us that we reconnected the way that we did, and it’s just so beautiful and I’m an incredibly lucky woman.”

When asked whether viewers will literally watch the couple fall for each other again in the video clip, Jessica said, “It’s hard to hide that chemistry to be honest.”

Speaking to KIIS FM on Tuesday, the 31-year-old described Rose as “ambitious and compassionate.”

“I feel proud to be with someone like her,” she said.

Meanwhile, Lisa, who has a long-term partner in LA, said she now feels like she’s “third wheeling.”

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