Jessica Mauboy loves sexting - but she has some very specific rules.

Our sweet little Jessica Mauboy, 26, has a rrrracy side!

She reckons she’s all about sexting, only she does it the smart way. There won’t be any Dane Swan/Travis Cloke situation for her.

Mauboy talked to Katie “Monty” Dimond for Show and Tell and explained her sexting rules.

“Holy moly, I have many photos. I don’t do the ones with my head. No eye contact, no face,” she said.

The recipient of Mauboy’s headless body shots? That’ll be her boyfriend Themeli Magripilis, pictured with Mauboy above.

They’ve been together for more than seven years after meeting in a nightclub in Darwin. Someone dared Mauboy to pinch his bum, so she did.

Unsurprisingly, he remembered her the next time she returned to Darwin and they started dating.

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