FLUFF: Jess Mauboy strips down for latest video.

Aussie pop star Jessica Mauboy, 24, has stripped down for her new song Never Be The Same. The video will ‘drop’ or ‘land’ or whatever it is new music videos do later this week. Jess says it’s all about her struggles with the demands of her (spectacularly successful) music career.

“This is me, the most vulnerable I have ever been singing,” she said about the new hit, which is making its way to the top 10 on iTunes. “I was scared of becoming someone I wasn’t. Had I been there for my family, have I been there for my boyfriend, am I doing enough? I was angry at myself.

“There has to be balance in my life and I can’t always be the happy pop singer; I have my doubts and criticise myself constantly.”

The Never Be The Same clip includes lots of very serious shots of J-Maub (can we call you that) crying and sitting in the shower.

Because everybody knows when pop stars get sad they cry and sit in the shower. Simultaneous emotional and physical nudity is a beautiful thing.



The shower water matches my tears.

The corner of a bare room is the perfect place to deal with #sadness

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video of the making of Never Be The Same, which is already climbing the iTunes chart:

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