Jessica Marais has some interesting thoughts on The Wrong Girl's iconic love triangle.

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Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Wrong Girl, season one. 

What happens after happily ever after?

It seems that even when things looked perfect on paper for our favorite fictional TV character Lily Woodward (Jessica Marais), things are never easy.

At the end of the first season of The Wrong Girl Lily road off into the sunset with the handsome Jack (Rob Collins). She’d given up her demanding breakfast TV job in favor of following her documentary filming passion and even though things had ended badly with her best friend turned would be love interest Pete (Ian Meadows), everything seemed to be going her way.

But just two episodes into season two of the hit TV show she’s back at her old job and back to juggling two would be suitors.

Jessica Marais joined The Binge podcast this week to talk about Lily’s love dilemmas, as well as her own life and career. 

When it comes to love, actress Jessica Marais says her character Lily doesn’t know what she wants.

“She got everything she wanted, but questioning what it is that she really wants is what tripped her up,” she said. “She’s sort of been in a bubble in News Zealand with Jack, and left a lot of her own self behind… She didn’t get everything exactly as she wanted it.”

So with both Jack and Pete in the picture, who will Lily choose?

“I don’t think she wants to make a choice because by choosing one she’s limiting herself,” the 32-year-old says. And when pressed for an answer as to whether she is Team Jack or Team Pete, Marais was tight lipped.

“I go between the two of them,” she says. “I can’t give you a definitive name… I genuinely don’t know!”

So how does Australia’s most prolific actress handle the triangle in her own life – between being a mum, an actress and finding time for herself?


“I think that my personal life this year, while on paper taking on two jobs back to back it seems it’s a great idea… it has meant that my social life has been non-existent,” she says.

“Being a single mother as well as working, the balance is hard.”

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With a five-year-old daughter at home, the smallest things like catching up with friends take a lot more planning these days.

“What I’ve tried to do is be more mindful of making that extra phone call to a friend or sending a message even if I can’t see them so they know I’m thinking of them,” she says.

It’s clear from this that Marais has more in common with Lily than just a TV career.

“It’s this vacuum of a world and I think she got into it with quite a lot of integrity in what she wanted to do and achieve.”

“She has to take some of the good with the bad. It’s natural to want only the good, all the perks… that’s probably her biggest struggle and something that I identify with,” Marais says.

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