Jessica Marais reveals exactly why she is a "lazy mum".

In news that will make every woman want to cheer loudly, award-winning actress and mum-of-one Jessica Marais has joined the #lazymum movement.

“Definitely, I’m guilty of not getting dressed,” the 31-year-old told radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa when asked if the popular hashtag that women have been embracing on social media was applicable to her and her four-year-old daughter, Scout.

Marais with daughter Scout and ex-fiancee James Stewart. Source: Instagram.

Appearing on the Nova radio program on Tuesday morning, the Packed to the Rafters star continued, admitting, "If it's a rainy day outside and we're doing craft inside it's totally a pajama day."

Despite having gone through a highly public separation in recent years, both Marais and her ex-fiancee James Stewart have spoken openly about their commitment to co-parenting Scout and sharing their time with their daughter equally.

Marais in the ABC's 2014 mini-series Carlotta. Source: ABC / Facebook.

During her breakfast radio interview, The Wrong Girl actress admitted that when Scout is with her she'll sometimes go a week without washing her hair, "to the point that then when I actually have to interact with someone else - a grown up - and put in an effort, she remarks on how great I look just because I look normal," she said laughing loudly.

Just know that you're definitely not alone in that experience Jessica!

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