Hair of the day: Jessica Alba has cut off all her hair.

Image: Instagram

We thought her brunette-to-blonde transformation last year was a big deal, but Jessica Alba has just gone and topped her own effort.

The actress’ hair has been a lot of different lengths and colours throughout her Hollywood career, but for the past few years it’s been much the same length and style: long and wavy. So it’s kind of a big deal that the Sin City star has just cut it all off.

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Jessica, 33, unveiled her new textured bob on Instagram on Friday, writing, “Uh oh someone chopped off her hair!” (complete with a cutesy ‘surprised’ expression on her face). Not only has Jess (we can call her Jess, yeah?) lost several inches in length, the mum of two has also embraced a slightly blonder colour in the front.

Very nice. Very nice indeed. Jessica's cut is the work of celebrity stylist Giannandrea, who described the style as an "A-line texturised, sharp silhouette". Woah — and here we are simply describing it as a "bob". Clearly we need to get up to speed with our hairdresser lingo...

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Jessica isn't the only superstar to part with her long hair this year - Kim Kardashian's done it, Kate Bosworth's gone to Bob Town, and so has Natalie Bassingthwaighte. Former Miss Universe Australia winners Rachael Finch and Jesinta Campbell have both also snipped several inches off their long hair in the past month alone.

So who's next? Just quietly, we're kinda hoping it's Blake Lively or Kate Middleton.

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