The weird Studio 10 segment that made viewers ask: "Do they think we are that gullible?"

Studio 10 viewers have been left seriously confused and slightly sceptical after a hypnotherapy segment left panellist Jessica Rowe meowing and snuggling into the lap of her co-worker like a cat.

“I love Studio 10 but this was a big miss for me today,” one viewer commented, adding, “I think its [sic] ridiculous.”

Another viewer agreed, saying, “I love the show and watch it every day when at home but this segment was ridiculous, do they think we are that gullible?”

The segment took place on Thursday when renowned hypnotherapist Peter Powers was invited onto the show and put a number of audience members and panellists into a trance.

jess rowe hypnotherapy
While under hypnosis, Jess Rowe believed she was a cat. Source: Studio 10.

Rowe was told by Powers that she was "a friendly cat," while a show producer named Celestina became "a friendly puppy and then a kung-fu expert."

But within minutes of airing, viewers began calling out the segment, saying it was clearly all a well-rehearsed act.

jess rowe hypnotherapy
Other participants believed they were dogs and martial arts experts. Source: Studio 10.

But addressing the criticism on Friday, Rowe stood strong, telling fellow panellist Sarah Harris, "of course it's not put on."

"She's just susceptible to that," panellist Denise Drysdale chimed in, adding, "she just goes under."

jess rowe hypnotherapy
While under hypnosis, Jess Rowe believed she was a cat. Source: Studio 10.

Explaining to viewers how the segment worked, Rowe continued, "Peter Powers talks about 20 per cent of people you can hypnotise, 20 per cent you can't and the rest in the middle you can but it takes time. I'm one of those people who are very susceptible."

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The mum-of-two went on to explain that Powers believes people who are artistic and open-minded (or as Drysdale said, "daydreamers") are more likely to react to hypnosis, and said, "For me what it was like, it's like what I imagine meditation would be like."

Studio 10 producer Celestina agreed with Rowe that it was completely real and said that despite being under, she can clearly remember what happened, comparing the experience to "a big night out", where it's only when you see photos and "people are like, 'you did this!' that you remember."

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