Jesinta Franklin has made our emoji dreams a reality and we cannot deal.

Okay, I know I’m calling it early – ridiculously early, in fact – but just one month and one day into the new year, I think we may have peaked.

I know, I know, we’ve still got 11 months to go, but seriously, I just don’t think the year of 2017 is going to offer us up anything more supreme than Jesinta Franklin becoming the human embodiment of the dancing emoji.

jesinta franklin david jones

Yes, you saw that correctly. And no, it was not part of some elaborate out-of-season Halloween party, but rather David Jones' Autumn / Winter 2017 runway show.

Heading down the runway in the Romance Was Born dress on Wednesday, the 25-year-old model and author was looking, as the kids would say, lit af (FYI - lit means 'cool', and af stands for 'as f**k').


Also taking part in the show were US supermodel Karlie Kloss, Victoria's Secret angel Bridget Malcolm and famed Aussie export Jessica Gomes.

And while they all commanded the runway and looked like ethereal beings levitating amongst the mere mortals on either side of them, they were no humanised emojis.

jesinta franklin david jones
Franklin working it on the David Jones runway. Source: Getty.

Like seriously, she is actually THE salsa woman in human form, no? It's truly, truly excellent.

And for those being all like, "I just don't get it," remember the one immortal rule to live and dress by: It's fashion, dahhhling.