Jesinta Franklin shares just how much Hollywood tape it took to pull off her tuxedo look.

On Wednesday night, Jesinta Franklin attended the AFL All Australian Awards night in Melbourne to celebrate husband and Sydney Swans player, Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin’s selection into the 2017 All Australian Team.

She got dressed up, wearing a black tuxedo-style Dion Lee dress and some bloody impressive stiletto sock boots. And by all accounts, the pair had a pretty lovely night.

Taking pride in her husband’s achievements, the 26-year-old model posted an image from the event of herself and her husband standing side-by-side, giving fans an insight into their relationship.


“Congratulations to my amazing husband on being recognised for his amazing achievements this year. What happens on the field is only achieved by hard work, dedication and sacrifice off the field. A true inspiration x,” she wrote.

But thanks to a critic of Jesinta’s stance (of all things), we were treated to a different kind of insider knowledge. Specifically, what was going on ~inside~ her dress to pull of the tuxedo look.

In response to a comment the way she stood next to her husband looked “sterile” (because a woman must put her arm around a man in order to show she loves him…), the David Jones ambassador chose to respond by sharing a wardrobe related justification every woman can relate to it.

“honey (sic), there was not enough Hollywood tape required for any arm movement I’ll tell you that much for free,” she replied to the comment.

For anyone who’s ever worn a dress that shows even just a sliver of flesh, this is just too real.

Because underneath a seemingly sexy, care-free plunging neckline or thigh-high split is an architectural marvel of pins, pasties, support garments and, if you’re in a rush, any type of tape you can get your hands on.


On a side note, let’s be clear – Jesinta Franklin, or any human does not need to give anyone a reason for the way they stand in a photo.

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