Kate Langbroek criticised Jesinta Campbell's Logies dress. She did not take it well.

A word of warning to anyone out there foolish enough to try, Jesinta Campbell will not tolerate you shaming her.

And there are no exceptions, not even if you’re a well-known TV and radio presenter such as Kate Langbroek.

Watching the 2016 Logies from the comfort of her own home last night, Langbroek, 50 took to Instagram to share her thoughts on Campbell’s custom-made Camilla and Marc outfit, writing, “This cannot be for real. #logies #beachwear #desperate(for pants)” next to an image of Campbell.

The Camilla and Marc dress consisted of a forest-green bodice and a netted full-length slip.

Langbroek's comment was problematic for a number of reasons.

Firstly, women should be able to wear what they want and reveal as much or as little of their body as they choose.

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And while not liking a specific outfit is one thing, choosing to label someone desperate because the amount of fabric used is a pretty yawn-inducing conversation.

Secondly, the Australian media industry is a small one. And as Noni Hazlehurst pointed out, it's also one that has been slow to open up its doors to women.

Fundamentally, why shouldn't Campbell celebrate her body? She's healthy, fit and confident. She's educated and intelligent. She's able to choose what she wants to wear, just like we are and do every day of our lives.

This cannot be for real. #logies #beachwear #desperate(for pants)

A photo posted by Kate Langbroek (@katelangbroek) on May 8, 2016 at 2:12am PDT


Thankfully, the empowered bosslady Jesinta Campbell decided to respond the Langbroek's comments directly.

"Woah nasty, @katelangbroek!," 24-year-old Campbell wrote, continuing, "Hope you enjoyed watching and critiquing from your couch last night."

Realising her comment may have caused the model and TV personality offence, Langbroek replied, "that does sound mean. Sorry, your bum was the first thing I saw. PS no couch. Bed."

This was not Jesinta's first time at the Logies rodeo. See her confessional below... 

Video via Channel 9