Goodbye, long bob. Jesinta Campbell has had a reverse hair change.

Jesinta Campbell has been rocking a long bob for quite some time.

Now, it appears the 23-year-old model and TV presenter has ditched her balayaged crop in favour of longer hair, reminiscent of the style she had back in 2010 when she won Miss Universe Australia.

It’s a ‘reverse hair change’, if you will. And it’s glorious.

Jesinta Campbell and her new hair. (Image via Instagram/@jesinta_campbell.)


Crediting her celebrity stylist, By Normie, Campbell wrote on Instagram, "NORMIE, your hair game is strong today babbbbby."

We love how she's styled her new hair up in a high ponytail, a la Ariana Grande. And speaking of Ariana Grande, she's also made a huge hair change overnight. (Post continues after gallery.)

The singer and Scream Queens star is known for her trademark high ponytail (and winged eyeliner), but she's mixed things up in a big way. Her new hair? It's bold. It's on-trend. And it's platinum blonde perfection.

Grande has been promoting her upcoming single Focus on Instagram, and has been gradually revealing her new white-blonde look over the past couple of days, with the photos progressively becoming more and more in-focus. Clever, huh?

We can't wait to see the full-colour version of this image.

Image via Instagram/@arianagrande)


There's some speculation that Grande's new hair is actually a wig, especially as she's previously spoken about the damage caused from continually dyeing her hair red for her role on Nickelodeon show Sam and Cat.

Either way, we love this new look. Brava.

It looks like long hair is back. What do you think of these new celebrity styles?