We'd never be able to commit to Jesinta Campbell's bedtime.

You know how Jesinta Campbell is so radiant it’s like she has an invisible army of helpers shining tiny magical torches on her at all times?

Well… it turns out that isn’t a thing that happens. At all.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, it’s been made abundantly clear the 24-year-old works damn hard for her modelling pay cheques.

In the lead up to tonight’s David Jones spring/summer launch, the department store’s ambassador has completely cut alcohol and refined sugar from her diet.

Oh, she’s also been hitting the gym six times a week. Yes, six times. Every single week.

“Over a four-week period you do feel [the extra sessions] and you start to remember the times you only did four to five a week and thought you were doing it easy,” she said.


And once Jesinta’s completed all that running and jumping and other sweat-producing activities? She hops into bed at 7.30pm.

Wait – what?


My mind is spinning. Some nights I don’t even have dinner before then. (To make it even worse, almost all of those dinners are of the ‘just-chuck-me-in-the-microwave!’ persuasion… which I’m guessing is another no-no by model standards.)

WATCH: The moment Jesinta announced herself the new ambassador of David Jones. (Post continues after video.)

Video via Channel 9

Still. 7.30pm! Jesinta and her AFL star fiancé, Lance Franklin, head to bed before alllllllllll the good telly stuff airs. I feel like this makes them deserving of some sort of prize.

Actually, I guess those toned bodies and glorious faces might be prize enough, right?

Maybe I should start going to bed at 7.30pm! But then again, The Bachelor is on tonight… And then again tomorrow…

Um. I’ll start on Friday.

… Maybe?

Probably not.