The $9.69 beauty staple Jesinta Campbell swears by.

As a model, TV presenter, lifestyle website founder, candle collection creator, health junkie, David Jones ambassador and the new face of Olay – we trust whatever comes out of Jesinta Campbell’s mouth when it comes to beauty. The 24 year old walked Mamamia through her entire beauty routine – from morning to bed time – and the products she depends on to deliver results.

Morning routine

“First thing I do when I wake up is splash my face with warm water. My morning beauty regimen starts when I get out of the shower after the gym. I like to cleanse my face, then apply a toner and the Gentle Day Cream ($32.99) from Olay Total Effects.  I have to wash my hair everyday especially after working out. I like using Aveda and there is a Wella hair mask ($30.38) that I got from Valonz [hair salon] that I have been using once a week. My hair is much more healthier and shinier after using it.”


Makeup regimen

“I only apply makeup if I have meetings during the day. Otherwise I am pretty much fresh-faced, I wear lots of makeup for work so on my days off I like to keep my skin free from makeup so it can breathe. I am hopeless at touching up my makeup during the day. If a lipstick doesn’t last me all day, I won’t wear it. I try to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to beauty.” (Post continues after gallery.)

Handbag essentials

“I don’t carry many beauty essentials with me as I try to keep things as low maintenance as possible. I only wear mineral makeup on my days off and I have it in my handbag in case I have somewhere to go after the gym. I use Nude by Nature. It’s a no-fuss beauty staple of mine. I always have a lip balm on me too. I really like Go-to Skincare’s Lips! balm ($15), it’s another beauty staple that I carry everywhere with me – hydrated lips are a must.”

“I also carry a rose water spray on me when I travel, it can be any particular brand, it’s always nice for a freshen up and leaves your skin feeling dewy. Coconut oil is a great budget beauty product because it has so many uses: hair masks, moisturiser, you can put it in your bath tub with some essential oils and use it on your lips if they are dry.

Fragrance and facials

“I love fragrances and I usually use a mix between perfumes and essential oils. I love anything from Tom Ford and my favourite is Jasmine Rouge ($325). I also love Miss Dior by Dior ($300) – it’s so sweet and feminine. If I am wearing essentials oils I love Rose Geranium. I also have a few mixes I’ve had made up which I use before going to bed or catching a flight. If I am going out I like to wear Tom Ford Black Orchid ($250) or Miss Dior.


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“I do like a good microdermabrasion. With all the makeup I wear for work I feel like it really gives my skin a good clean. If I get the time I do this once every couple of months. Other than that I love a good regular facial, with a steam, exfoliation and a mask – it’s so relaxing.”

The night routine

“I am absolutely a ‘get home, wash all my make up off’ kind of girl. I double cleanse after wearing makeup too. I use Olay Total Effects Foaming Cleanser ($9.69) first followed by the Cream Cleanser ($9.69). The double cleanse leaves my skin feeling extra clean and fresh. I love radiant, makeup free skin so I like to get my makeup off as soon as I get home.

“The only thing that differs with my night routine is that I use a night cream for night and a day moisturiser for the day. I think it’s important to have different moisturisers for morning and night as they each do different things. You don’t need a cream with SPF in it for night, you want something more hydrating so that when you wake up your skin feels plump and rejuvenated. I have always used different creams for morning and night, it’s a must.”


“I like to wind down by putting on my track pants, making myself a cup of herbal tea and sitting on the couch and not moving! I’m really into watching documentaries at the moment, so a good doco and the couch is how I wind down these days.

My getting ready for bed ritual is usually a nice warm shower or bath, cleanse and moisturise my face, apply some essential oils on my temples and behind my neck and then as soon as I hit the pillow I am out.”

Image: Instagram/@jesinta_campbell.

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