The Voulez-Vous Project: "I breathe in life and breathe out art."

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We love to travel, let’s admit that. Many of us get drawn in by one trip and soon after, we’re hooked. We’ve got wanderlust.

For Jennifer Reid from Fantangle designs, she loves travelling like the rest of us. But she uses her passion as a common source of inspiration in her work.

“I am often mesmerised by nature, so I also focus on animals and flowers as inspiration, anything of beauty actually,” she told Mamamia.

Her passion for art has seen her create many pieces that have been immortalised into cushions and pillows.

This interest in 3D, she says, is stemmed from the joy it brings.

Artwork by Jennifer Reid.

“It’s one thing seeing your work on a flat screen or piece of paper, but there is nothing that compares with the joy of holding your own artwork in your hands in the form of a cushion, piece of clothing or greeting card.”

Jennifer has always known what a creative soul she was. She’s been creating and appreciating art since she was a young girl.

“I have loved creating and appreciating art ever since I can remember. I come from a very creative family so it is easy to indulge in creativity as a lifestyle choice. I can’t imagine living anything other than a creative life.”


Her art is creative, intricate, simple but full of life and colour. Her creative work focuses of positivity and finding the good in all.

It took a shock breast cancer diagnosis in 2009 for Jennifer to realise life was too short not to pursue her passions.

Artwork by Jennifer Reid.

“Along with my art, I am currently working on a historical fiction novel based on the life of a family who migrated to Australia after World War I,” Jennifer said.

“This year I also created a special artwork to raise awareness of breast cancer in young women and to raise funds for research. I hope to create a new piece for this cause each year around October Pink Ribbon month.”

Jennifer knows now that life is precious and it’s important to see the good in everything.

“Life is so precious and I love to make the most of everything I see, feel, hear, touch and taste. I breathe in ‘life’ and breathe out ‘art’. So basically I’m inspired by everything in my life…my beautiful family, my wider community and the natural environment that surrounds me.”

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To visit Jennifer’s website, click here.

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