Jennifer Lawrence had a meltdown after her Oscar win, all because of pizza and birth control.

Jennifer Lawrence and Eddie Redmayne were guests on The Graham Norton Show’s New Year’s Eve episode.

There was a lot of talk about New Year’s Eve, with JLaw revealing she hates it, because she always ends up “disappointed. Drunk, but disappointed”, and naturally, discussions turned to Oscar wins (both are winners of course).

JLaw remembers the night she won the Best Actress award as a night she’d rather forget – from birth control confusions, THAT fall, and forgetting to thank the director – it’s safe to say it’s also a great story! On top of that, her friend ordered her the wrong pizza (thick instead of thin crust), which topped off her meltdown.

She also revealed that she had to ban her brother from attending award ceremonies…because he tried to arm wrestle Matthew McConaughey, back when she was a nobody in Hollywood.

Watch JLaw and Eddie Redmayne talk about the Oscars on The Graham Norton Show.