Today's burning question: where is Jennifer Lawrence's underwear?

Jennifer Lawrence is the latest celebrity to go commando on the red carpet. Or, more accurately, the cream and teal carpet.

The American Hustle actor came out in a disco-ball inspired dress with completely sheer panels on either side.

SLOW CLAP for J-Law because she didn’t fall over in this revealing outfit. If that had happened, we’d all have to pack up our bags and go home – celebrity gossip would be done and finished forever.

Have a look at these photos from the Vanity Fair after-party. She’s wearing a sheer Tom Ford dress, which is a huge costume change from her bright orange strapless Dior gown with the backwards necklace she rocked at the ceremony.

Not that we’d usually encourage people to speculate about the absence of a woman’s underwear, but let’s.

Is this glorious 23-year-old vixen genuinely commando here, or is she wearing one of those strange, magical straps of material that eliminates all panty-lines altogether? The “Knicker Sticker”?

Also, ARGH, we apologise for saying the word panty. We didn’t want to, but we had to. It had to be done.

Phwoar. The After Party is really where all celebrities go to get their sparkle and vamp on.

Check out the whole gallery here.

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