FLUFF: This is what Jennifer Lawrence would look like as your bridesmaid.

Jennifer Lawrence was obviously perfection as a bridesmaid in her brother’s wedding.

If you’ve ever wished that J-Law was your best friend, well, these photographs of the loveable actress will melt your hearts and/or dreams.

The 23-year-old appears in Martha Stewart’s wedding magazine as just one in a veritable army of bridesmaids in her brother Blaine’s wedding party. The bride, Jen’s sister-in-law Carson Massler, had 11 bridesmaids, including J-Law. Which must be some kind of record. The country-style Kentucky wedding took place in October, but the photos have only just been released.

They’re really rather heavenly.

Here’s the whole bridesmaid brigade on the cover of Martha Stewart‘s Real Weddings – all resplendent in cream and sweetness.  

And just because we can, let’s zoom right on in on Jennifer Lawrence there. Perfection, obviously.

For Blaine and Carson’s wedding day, the Silver Linings Playbook star swept that cheeky pixie cut off to the side and chose the sweetheart neckline version of the bridesmaid gown. Big Brother Blaine wore cowboy boots with his tux…. We can’t tell from here but maybe J-Law has some underneath that gown? Truly, we wouldn’t put it past her.

The couple got hitched in front of 325 of their best buddies and family members on the horse farm that the Lawrence kids were raised on. By the sounds of it, it was a real barnyard affair.

Here’s another more candid shot of Jennifer with the wedding couple.

It’s not the first time Jennifer’s appeared in the wedding party at a sibling’s wedding. Here she is (second from the left, long-hair Jennifer) years ago with her other brother Ben’s bride and her gaggle of bridesmaids.

The Lawrences are actually a really sweet, together family, despite all the rockstar-level fame their girl J-law has put them through. Just check out how lovely they look on the red carpet at the Oscars, huddling together to support their Academy-award winning daughter. Those are Jennifer’s parents, Gary and Karne, along with her brother Ben on the left and brother Blaine and his new wife Carson on the right.

And because you can never have too many Jennifer Lawrence photos…


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