Jennifer Hawkins tries SnapChat for the first time. Fails.


It’s hard to keep up with the kids these days, with their Insta-chat and their Snap-face and their hippin’ and their hoppin’.

Jennifer Hawkins is trying but she’s not quite down.

The model, 32, decided to expand her social media repertoire to include the video messaging app Snapchat.

For her very first video, she decided to wish the nation a happy Australia Day, only she forgot to turn the audio on.

In it, she waves at the camera, mouths something about Australia Day, then awkwardly pans the camera down her body to her designer heels, which she shows off self-consciously.

“Possibly the worst snap chat ever, but it’s my first!!!” she wrote. “Happy Australia Day.”

Possibly the worst snap chat ever, but it’s my first!!! Happy Australia Day ! ???????????? (???? jenhawkSNAP)

A video posted by Jennifer Hawkins (@jenhawkins_) on

Not only can you not hear her, I fail to comprehend what Jennifer Hawkins’ shoes have to do with Australia Day.

Perhaps they’re made from kangaroo skin? Or maybe she’s providing an in-depth explanation of why she’s filming her shoes, only we can’t hear her?

Either way, the only way is up from here, J Hawk. Here’s to Snapchat mark two!