Jennifer Hawkins remembers Charlotte Dawson: "It doesn't get any easier."

Jennifer Hawkins tells how the Next Top Model team is paying tribute to their friend.

It’s been just over a year since TV personality Charlotte Dawson died and her legacy is living on in the many, many lives she influenced.

Dawson’s Australia’s Next Top Model co-star, Jennifer Hawkins, has spoken to New Idea about how she and the other judges remember her.

“She [had] this vivaciousness and a really wicked sense of humour,” she told the magazine.

jennifer hawkins remembers charlotte dawson
Didier Cohen, Charlotte Dawson, Jennifer Hawkins and Alex Perry. Image via Getty.

Australia’s Next Top Model is returning next week, after a two-year hiatus. Hawkins said this helped her and the other judges,

“While it doesn’t get easier, it does mean that each person had time to grieve and remember her in their own way,” she said.

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The former Miss Universe spoke of how the judges – Hawkins, designer Alex Perry, and models Didier Cohen and Cheyenne Tozzi – would remember her on set by telling Dawson-related anecdotes while filming.

jennifer hawkins remembers charlotte dawson
Alex Perry, Jennifer Hawkins and Charlotte Dawson. Image via Getty.

The new season of the show won’t replace Dawson with one particular judge, but rather feature a new guest judge each week in honour of her.

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“It was a tribute to Charlotte because we couldn’t find one person to replace her,” Perry said.

“[Our thinking was] ‘You know what, we’re going to get someone really fabulous every week’ – it was like a tribute to her that we did that.”

Australia’s Next Top Model returns on April 30 and will air on Fox 8.