Jennifer Hawkins strongly backs a political figure many despise. Really, we shouldn't be that surprised.

Republican nominee Donald Trump has received a great deal of completely justified and frankly quite understated criticism throughout his political campaign. A number of big name celebrities have spoken out against the presidential hopeful, who says if elected, he’ll build a wall at the Mexican border to keep immigrants out, and cut public funding to abortion providers.

But former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins says she’s a big fan of Trump, who, of course, owns the Miss Universe Pageant, as well as Miss USA and Miss Teen USA.

Donald Trump and Jennifer Hawkins celebrating Hawkins' crown in 2004. Image via Getty.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph this week, Hawkins said of Trump: "He inspired me to keep going and follow my heart."

"He’s really passionate and really driven. He’s like, ‘What’s next?’ He prompts you to think, ‘All right, what is next?’"



This is also the man who most recently said that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton founded ISIS.

But, yeah. I'm sure he's super inspirational.

The respect Hawkins has for Trump appears to be mutual, with Trump telling 60 Minutes in 2011 that "Jennifer is the most beautiful Miss Universe that I've seen in many, many years."

"She was not only beautiful outside but she was also equally beautiful inside. So I don't say that about many. Believe me, we've had our problems with some of them and she was really great."


Earlier this year, Hawkins was asked about Trump on Today Extra. She praised him as a "brilliant businessman" and described him as "charming," telling the hosts "he has presence."

She told David Campbell that she believed he could win the presidency, although refrained from commenting on his policies.

Instead, she said, "Sorry, I am sitting on the fence there," before continuing "You want to be careful what you say out there because it can be turned and... I don't know."

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Video via CNN

For Hawkins, it must be difficult to publicly criticise a person who played a pivotal role in one of your career-defining moments. But she is placed firmly in the minority when it comes to female celebrities weighing in on 'The Donald'.

Lena Dunham famously began her speech at the Democratic National Conference by saying: "I’m Lena Dunham, and according to Donald Trump, my body is probably like a two."

That's the problem with Donald Trump - he has lovely things to say about you if you're a beautiful woman who isn't questioning his policies or running against him for President. Otherwise, he isn't very "inspirational" at all.