Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow swearing like sailors. It's f*&king great.

Excuse the language but this is but this is f*%king amazing.

Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow had a battle of the bad-words in a ‘curse-off’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And Holy sh*t, it was bl*^y fun to watch.

The Friends stars hurled words at each other, each with a five-second time limit. The first person to run out of swear words was the loser. French and Greek swear words were utilised, as were hyphenations.

Aniston kicked off with ‘D*&k licker’. It only gets better from there.

Don’t worry. The words are beeped out. But conveniently, someone has subtitled them for us.

Brilliant. Totally f*^king brilliant.

Back in the sweet, sweet days of Friends, before the girls were swearing like sailors:


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