Jennifer Aniston just recreated Ginger Spice's tiger stripes.

Image: Getty.

It seems one iconic hairstyle just wasn’t quite enough for Jennifer Aniston.

After making the ‘Rachel’ haircut a ’90s must-have, the 46 year old is sporting another hairstyle from the era we thought we’d never see again. Introducing Ginger Spice’s tiger stripes 2.0.

The most surprising thing about the whole situation? They actually look good. Really good.

Images: Instagram (gucciwestman)

The new light blonde front highlights were first shared by Aniston's makeup artist Gucci Westman on Instagram, before the shiny mane made its official debut on the Critics' Choice Awards red carpet. (Watch: The best looks from the red carpet. Post continues after video.)


However it wasn't just Aniston's new 'do that got us talking - the Critic's Choice Awards have certainly delivered on hair and beauty inspo. (Take a look. Post continues after gallery.)


Constance Wu made our braid dreams come true, while Sarah Paulson and Raychel Diane Weiner kind of make us want to chop our hair seriously short. In beauty, it was all about the smokey eye and pink lips. Oh, and tiger stripes.

What's your favourite look from the Red Carpet?

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