Jenna Marbles: The 26-year-old Youtuber with a billion clicks.

Her name is Jenna Marbles and she’s 26 years old.

One boring afternoon, Jenna sat down in front of her at-home webcam, put a whole lot of make-up on and added some commentary. Her opening line went a little something like this, “If you were born really ugly like me, have no fear. There are steps you can take to be good-looking. Kind of.”

Her video has since had over 50 million views. Take a look:

3 years and 137 videos after her very first video, Jenna Marbles is huge on Youtube. HUGE. Even the New York Times has written about her bizarre popularity:

Her videos are a highly shareable cocktail of comedy, sex appeal, puppies and social commentary, laced with profanity. She skillfully juggles Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to build a deeply loyal connection with fans who find her eminently easy to relate to.

The result is more than a million views every single day and more money than she had ever seen before in her life. She may be unique, but she is no viral-video fluke. To a younger generation who spends more time on YouTube than TV, Jenna Marbles already embodies the future of celebrity.

And you know what? She’s kind of hilarious. Watch another one of her most-watched videos below. Titled “Drunk Makeup Tutorial,”  it features a barefaced Jenna, who gets drunk and then tries to put on make-up to go out. It’s already been viewed 14.8 million times:

And she likes to imitate boys. A lot:

What do you think of Jenna Marbles?