BACH FLUFF: A very important investigation into whether Jen made any of those desserts.

Some people investigate things to save the world, others to save people, and then there’s me, who launches thorough investigations into a reality television dating show – saving the world, and its people, one story at a time.

Of course, not all heroes wear capes etc.

So, in the spirit of it being Thursday (which means one thing: Bachelor stuff… just… everywhere…) we thought it both appropriate and helpful – ha! two birds, one stone – to uncover the big question from last night’s Bachelor episode.

Don’t all rush with the applause.

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Namely, the big question to come from last night, was, um, did Jen actually make all of those desserts?

In a bid to win Matty’s heart, the woman who has been dubbed this season’s villain more than once made three delicate desserts to win him over with her cooking, and poison his carefully defined abs. She put together a chocolate orange mousse, a triple chocolate cheesecake and her ~special~ brownies. He seemed mildly impressed and the desserts themselves appeared to be actually kind of well done.

But then, did she actually make them? And if she did – how? (Both extremely important questions.)

A spokesperson for Channel 10 confirmed to Mamamia that yes, Jen is quite the baker and put together each of the desserts herself.

In terms of food, and how the hell she got access to so many ingredients, it turns out the Bachelorettes order their own groceries online each week and cooks in a fully-functional kitchen. Producers are also able to organise any additional items they may need to pull off the whatever stunt they desire.

And that’s all there is to it.

You’re so welcome.