These are the bestselling jeans on The Iconic this year and there's one glaring problem.

This time of year is like, well Christmas, for nosey parkers like me.

Brands are releasing the details of their top-selling products and it’s a guilt-free way to root through the shopping carts of total strangers, without you know, breaking the law.

But one particular bestseller has the world (ok, me) totally flummoxed.

You see, the most popular jeans on online retailer The Iconic this year aren’t even jeans.

Image: The Iconic

Take a closer look.

THEY'RE JEGGINGS. LEGGINGS masquerading as jeans.

Does this... does this mean jeggings are back?

They just might, judging by the thousands of people that purchased a pair of the Atmos & Here Janie Skin Tight Jeggings this year - 7, 712 to be exact.

And really who can blame them? They look like they're jeans but they're far comfier with extra stretch which are the two most magical words you can say around Christmas time. Oh, and you'll get change from $50.


According to the retailer, the next most popular pair of jeans (aka the first PROPER jeans) were the Vegas Ripped Knee jeans, $69.95, from the same brand.

Image: The Iconic

We take no responsibility for the "but what happened to the rest of your jeans' comments which will inevitably come from older relatives.

The holey pair were closely followed by Cheap Monday High Spray Jeans, $75.

One interesting thing to note is that all three of the top selling jeans weren't blue - they were black.

Listen: Did you know jeans aren't feminist. Nope, neither did we. Post continues after audio.

There's one main reason for that - while blue screams casual, black jeans look more polished and dressy. Even if they are really jeggings.