New look to consider: Jeans and flats. This is how to make it work

At Debrief Daily we love celebrating fabulous women. In our new series ‘To consider….’ we’ll look at their unique style as a springboard for you to try something different. Enjoy.

Tash Sefton is a style icon on Instagram and the co-founder of Australia’s most popular fashion blog They All Hate Us.

She’s also the mother of two young boys – and knows how to start a trend.

Case in point: jeans and flats. While many of us have adopted this combination at some stage in our life, Tash makes it look shiny, new and appropriate for almost any outing, from the footy to a dinner party.

It’s not just because Tash, the former head of womenswear at young adult store General Pants, knows how to make something look cool. It’s because it’s practical, smart and works with any type of flat.


via @tashsefton Instagram

Ballet flats with rolled up jeans:

via @tashsefton Instagram

Lace up ballet flats:

via @tashsefton Instagram

More lace up ballet flats:

via @tashsefton Instagram

Or flat boots:

via @tashsefton Instagram

It's a wardrobe staple that anyone can master at any age. Pair your outfit with a coat, an oversized knitted jumper or a regular old white t-shirt and you've got yourself a great outfit.

An additional plus? While we know jeans are comfortable and practical, we also know that flats are good for our feet.

David Bugg of Sydney City Podiatry told Debrief Daily previously: “We see clear, physical changes when women wear higher heels,” he says. “There’s more pressure on the forefoot bones, the calf muscles and hamstrings are shortened, the ankle is unstable, the knees are more flexed, the pelvis tilts forward, curvature of the spine is increased … And the higher the heel, the greater these effects.”

Debrief Daily founder Mia Freedman has cottened on to this and loves the jeans and flats look in winter:

Mia Freedman in Jeans and Flats.

Especially if they are sparkly.

Similarly Debrief Daily editor Annie Markey considers flats and jeans as her go-to outfit:

As does Actress Reese Witherspoon. She pairs her shoes with straight leg jeans:

via @reesewitherspoon instagram

And 51 year-old Elle Macpherson:

So there you have it. A look for you to consider. Let us know how you go.

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