Breaking: Two brothers missing from Northern NSW have been found.

Jayden and Joseph Brady aged 14 and 11.



Jayden and Joseph Brady, the two brothers who went missing from Byron Bay a week ago, have been found.

The pair, aged 14 and 11, met with police in a public space in Byron around midday yesterday.

The police have confirmed they are currently “liaising” with the boy’s family.

News Corp reports the boys had run away from their Tweed Heads home with their dad Daniel Brady, who goes by the name of who goes by the adopted name Omra Ki, on Sunday morning last week.

Mr Brady was arrested on Monday for allegedly breaching bail; he had previously appeared at Lismore Local Court last week in relation to an alleged apprehended violence order breach.

Yesterday, Prosecutor Brett Gradisnik told Tweed Heads Local Court there had been a “real concern” for the boys’ protection.

“Certainly there’s been some suggestion there’s involvement by the accused to use the young children, essentially getting them to do things for him,” Sgt Gradisnik said, according to News Corp.

Daniel Brady who goes by the name Omra Ki. (Photo: Facebook)

“The family unit lives in a nomadic type or existence in bushland… The children have, in the past, tested positive to having cannabis and THC (chemical compound) in their bloodstreams.”

 Earlier this week, the brother of missing boys denied their disappearance had any relation to “any cult stuff”.

“The reason they are chasing us and trying to split us apart is because my dad discovered the unified field that Albert Einstein looked for for 40 years, the thing that proves we are all connected,” Indigo Brady wrote in an email to The Northern Star. “They don’t want us to put it out because it proves we are all one.”

In the email, Mr Brady also reportedly said he found a note from his brothers, and that “they left of their own accord” because “they hated being vaccinated”.

“They left because they wanted to, there was nothing to do with abduction or any cult stuff,” he wrote, according to The Northern Star.

Previously, Mamamia wrote:

There are two young boys missing on the far North Coast of NSW.

Two blonde-haired, friendly-looking, laugh-a-minute types.

Their picture has been broadcast on the TV news, and is on the main page of all the news websites.

But it seems the two boys don’t want to be found.

The reason why – insinuated between the lines of each article and police quotes – is disturbing.

Jayden and Joseph Brady, aged 14 and 11, were allegedly abducted by their father, Daniel Brady in Tweed Heads early on Sunday morning.

On Monday their father was arrested at Byron Bay but there was no signs of where his sons were.

Daniel Brady aged 39 had breached an AVO court order, which had several conditions attached, including not accessing his children. Brady was released on bail but reportedly refused to tell police where the boys were and who – if anyone – was looking after them.

It is unclear whose custody the boys were in when he abducted them, but The Northern Star reports police have spoken to their mother who is distraught.


Nine News have reported the boys have four other siblings who are struggling to come to terms with where Jayden and Joseph might be.

Act. Supt. Shane Cribb told The Northern Star the matter was before the courts and he couldn’t elaborate on it.

“I’ll let the courts decide on that avenue,” he said. “Our main concern is not the father, our concern is the two children.”

Daniel Brady at a previous arrest.

But the two children seem to be on the run.

The idea that two boys aged just 11 and 14 would run from police is deeply disturbing.

Fairfax Media report that the boys regularly “lived without parental supervision.”

Yesterday police told media that they had located a ‘camp’ they believed the boys were living in dense bushland at Byron Bay.

“Officers found a makeshift campsite where they believe the brothers have been staying with their father,” police said.

“At least one of the brothers was seen to run from police into the bushland. There are many makeshift campsites located in the almost impenetrable bushland.”

Inspector Bobbie Cullen is reported by The Northern Star to have said the area was searched after tip-offs that Daniel Brady had been seen at the Tallow Beach over the past few weeks.

But their search was futile – all they saw was one of the blonde-haired boys run further into the bush. Even a police helicopter could not track down the brothers.

There is, however, one person who knows where they are.

Act. Supt. Cribb said at a media briefing: “At this stage the father hasn’t provided any assistance in relation to the location of the children. We believe that the father will know the whereabouts of the two boys.”

But what police said next is what makes this possibly sad custody battle turn into something else.

Reporters then asked police if Daniel Brady was a cult member or whether police were investigating whether the children were being hidden by a cult.

A helicopter searching the area where police believed the boys were.

Act. Supt. Cribb’s answer – that he could not comment “at this stage”.

This isn’t the first time the young brothers have gone missing – a situation last year involved the brothers being missing for more than three days.

And it isn’t the first time Daniel Brady has been sought by police.

Just last month he was involved in a bizarre police chase that made headlines when he ran from police at a pirate-themed kids’ park in Palm Beach QLD and jumped into Currumbin Creek.

A dramatic 30-minute chase that involved Gold Coast lifeguards on jetskis and water police crews ensued. He eventually surrendered as the creek was too cold to remain in.

 The Northern Star report that police will now not be continuing their search of the area the brothers ran from last night instead following other lines of inquiry.

They say they still have grave concerns for the boys’ welfare.

Jayden and Joseph Brady are both described as being of Caucasian appearance, between 120 and 140 centimetres tall and of a thin build with blonde hair and brown eyes.

Anyone who sees them or believes they know their whereabouts is urged to contact 000 immediately.

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