Jason Biggs insults female co-star and friend, because he doesn't like her body.

Jason Biggs: douche-canoe.

Jason Biggs has made somewhat of a comeback recently with his role in hit TV show Orange Is The New Black – proving that he’s not just that guy from American Pie.

What he is proving though, is that he’s a little bit of a douche-canoe.

Appearing on Joan Rivers’ Internet show this week, 36-year-old Biggs was asked who he would save and who he would kill between 27-year-old Lindsay Lohan and 38-year-old Tara Reid and why. His answer?

“Lindsay Lohan stays. She’s got nice boobs. She really does. Tara’s body, I don’t know what’s going on with it. I don’t think she even knows what’s going on with it.”

Joan Rivers asked: “And Lindsay does?”

“Lindsay doesn’t know what’s going on with Tara’s body either,” he said in response. “No one knows what’s going on with Tara’s body.”

Effectively, Biggs said that he would hypothetically allow Reid to die, and keep Lindsay alive – because the younger actress had ‘nicer boobs’ than a woman more than 10 years her senior.

Tara Reid and Lindsay Lohan.

Then, when the Internet and decent people everywhere starting calling Biggs out for his fairly mean-spirited comments (not to mention the fact that he decided that the difference between life and death came down to “boobs”), he responded with the following Twitter rant.


His ‘sorry for offending you’ non-apology seems even more smarmy, when you consider that it’s only been a few months since Biggs referred to Reid as a “hot mess” on Watch What Happens Live.

And while Reid hasn’t spoken out about this most recent indecent, she certainly didn’t think that ‘joke’ was funny that time, tweeting: “it’s really sad I just landed in LA and the first thing I read about you that you are calling me a hot mess. I’ve supported u!”

He responded over social media saying: “I love u Tara, it was a joke! Didnt mean to offend, Totally kidding around! it was a game! Xoxoxo.”

Stay classy, Jason Biggs.

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