Jason and Sarah received The Block's lowest ever score. This is why they "gave up". 

It was always going to be a challenge. Jason and Sarah’s master suite was the largest space contestants have ever attempted to transform in the history of Channel 9’s The Block.

They described it as a “week from hell” and didn’t have the room ready in time for the ‘reveal’ on Sunday night.

But when judges Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer handed down the lowest score in The Block history, the couple were taken aback, telling News Corp they’d had an “emotional week” sending their kids overseas so soon after the Manchester terrorist attack (the episode was filmed in June).

“The judges were very unimpressed, they found it arrogant and rude,” Sarah told News Corp. “They didn’t know what we had done all week, and that was really hard to hear.

“We knew we were going to cop a bad report from that, but we weren’t quite prepared for how bad it was. We had only just seen our kids off at the airport before the room reveal filming, and it was all very raw.”

“We had a pretty emotional day, and it was just another beating really.”


The couple has three children aged between eight and 12. The kids were staying with Sarah’s sister-in-law during the show’s filming and she’d offered to take them along on a trip to the UK.

“They were heading to Dublin and then to London that week,” Sarah said. “The departure was just when that awful London Bridge and Ariana Grande concert (terrorist attacks) were happening.”

“They had never been overseas. They had never been away from us. We were in an absolute panic.”

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The show’s host Scott Cam said the lack of effort shown by Jason and Sarah is an insult to the 10,000 teams that apply every year to be on the show.

“I was pretty angry. I was disappointed. I was upset,” Cam told News Corp. “It is a slap in the face. All of us have family issues on The Block. We’re all away from our children.”

“Ronnie and Georgia’s kids are 3500 kilometres away (in Perth). Hannah and Clint are missing their kids. I’m missing my kids.

“They say they didn’t give up but they gave up. They just couldn’t be bothered.”

Sarah said they remained committed to the show throughout, that it was just a tough week. “There was never any thought of ‘it’s all too hard, let’s go home because we can’t be bothered’,” she said.


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