Jarryd Hayne's cyber security demonstration at a high school took a very awkward turn.

NRL star Jarryd Hayne accidentally exposed hundreds of schoolchildren to pornography during a presentation on cyber security.

The footballer was speaking at a Gold Coast high school on Monday when images of lewd acts and nudity were projected onto the screen behind him.

The images appeared to have been in the footballer’s browser history.

Hayne has since responded to the incident to explain how he felt when it happened.

“It was (awkward),” he said at a press conference.

“I shut my phone straight away so that was I was logged off.”

The 28-year-old was presenting on behalf of one of his technological sponsors, Norton Security.

Spokesperson for Norton Security, Nick Savvides, told Nine News the images had come from another device on the network.

“It’s unfortunate and all I can say (is) it definitely was not Jarryd’s device,” he said.

“Connecting to open networks, people can see what you’re doing and in this case, inject unwanted materials.”

Seven News journalist Amanda Abate reported Norton Security has since said the images came from a Samsung device and not Hayne’s iPhone.

The incident has been circulating through social media to the delight of users who have enjoyed the irony of the event.

The presentation is said to gone off without a hitch at previous events.

Feature image via Twitter.