Sophie, Stu and Jarrod were put in the same hotel after the finale. Then Stu got a text.

Here’s a cute little riddle.

You’re a producer of a reality TV show. The final episode has been filmed, but hasn’t aired. The final result must be secret. One man is heartbroken, after being broken up with on the same day he wanted to propose. The other man is happy and in love. Both men – and the Bachelorette herself – have publicity rounds to do on the day the episode is set to air.

Do you:

A) Put them all up in the same hotel, because to hell with awkward run-ins, you got budget cuts to abide by!!!


B) Put them up in the separate hotels, because that’s the decent thing to do to avoid run-ins with the ex.

Oh, you went with B? Wrong.

It should’ve been A.

Listen: Bach Chat on the very final episode.

Yesterday, as we prepared for the most anti-climatic Bachelorette finale in the show’s short history, Stu, Sophie and Jarrod were placed in the same Sydney hotel overnight for some post-finale publicity necessities.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Sophie and Stu said that Jarrod had been put into a room directly across the hall from them.

“He texted me at one point and said ‘I can hear you,’” Stu said.

“Stu wanted to go see him!” Sophie added.

They didn’t for the record, despite the fact sounds like a delightful prospective meeting. Ahem.