The definitive proof that Jarrod doesn't win The Bachelorette.


Turns out the claim that Jarrod is actively using the dating app Bumble and therefore not a contender for Sophie Monk’s heart may not be as clear cut as we thought.

“Jarrod was signed up to Bumble by a friend, and while Jarrod thought he deleted the app, he did not properly deactivate his profile, and so his profile remains active. He has not used the site for a long time,” Channel 10 told Mamamia.

Apparently deactivating your Bumble account is a multi-step process and simply deleting the app from your phone does not mean your profile is deleted.

We previously wrote…

Here’s a few things we know about Jarrod from The Bachelorette… he owns a vineyard, he’s really into changing tyres and he most definitely didn’t get the final rose from Sophie Monk.

How do we know that last one, I hear you ask?

Well, it turns out everyone’s favourite ‘stage five clinger’ is now on the dating app Bumble, most likely seeking a woman who’s into the vineyard, but not too into it.

If you’re looking for a very intense man, who can definitely change a tyre, and has an interest in ‘love plants,’ this could be your chance.

jarrod bachelorette bumble
Probably not his wedding. Image supplied.

I guess Bumble offers all the benefits of dating show - meeting new people, going on dates and erm, lots and lots of roses - without the risk of being rejected in front of the whole country.

Plus Jarrod probably won't have to skydive, walk on a tightrope, or even get out of his trackie dacks to find a new potential love interest.

And he obviously likes it when a woman makes the first move (just not when it comes to changing tyres).

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