The small but significant detail you missed about Janey’s outfit on The Bachelor.

In real life, a floor-length sequin ball gown is more than enough to steal the spotlight. In The Bachelor? It’s the minimum entry requirement to get you in the door.

Last night we saw plunging v-necks, bridal-esque cape dresses and a whole lot of leg. Angelina Jolie would be proud.

But there was one thing you may not have spotted and it involves one standout contestant in particular.

Janey, our good ol’ unicorn, magic and princess loving contestant was zany to say the least.

Image: Channel 10

We saw the children's entertainer don princess costumes and ballet gear before pulling a lost-shoe move that would make Cinderella look like an amateur.

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But don't underestimate her or write her off for being in Fantasy Land - zany Janey is in it to win it.

How do we know? The secret message hidden in her interview outfit.


Yes, she is wearing a necklace that spells out Bachie, in a not-so-subtle sign that she is SERIOUS about embarking on this "journey" for the "right reasons" to find her "Prince Charming", etc etc.

Bach Chat is back. It's the podcast to listen to after you've watched the show. (Post continues after audio.)

Unfortunately, the charming piece of jewellery was ditched for the arrivals at the mansion.

We kind of want one for ourselves now...

Image: Channel 10

What was your favourite style moment from The Bachelor last night?

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