'Jane Doe' was raped by her maths teacher. She's never been allowed to tell her story.

In 2010, ‘Jane Doe’ was groomed and repeatedly sexually assaulted by her maths teacher in Tasmania.

She was just 15 years old.

The teenager was from a broken home and had been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa.

Nicolaas Bester, a 58-year-old maths teacher, preyed on the vulnerable teenager and sexually assaulted her numerous times – at the school, in his private office, in a hotel room, and even in a church.

After six months, the young girl finally gained the courage to report Bester to the police. He was found guilty and was sentenced to two years in jail.

Jane Doe speaks to 60 Minutes…

Although Jane Doe received some justice, she’s never been able to tell her story.

In Tasmania, Section 194K of the Evidence Act means the identity of a sexual assault survivor can never be revealed, even with the sexual assault survivor’s full cooperation and consent.


This means Jane Doe has never been able to publicly speak about her ordeal.

The now 23-year-old will speak to 60 Minutes’ Allison Langdon tonight, but her face will be blurred and her voice will be changed.

If Langdon was to broadcast images of Jane Doe’s face or tell audiences her name, the reporter could be jailed.

But while Jane Doe has been forced to remain quiet for the past eight years, Bester has be free to speak publicly – and he has several times.

On multiple occasions, the former high school teacher has made public statements claiming he is the real victim and that the sexual assault was actually a consensual relationship.

“The fact that I can’t take control of my own story, that’s frustrating,” Jane Doe tells Langdon on tonight’s program.

“And it adds to that feeling of I have to be ashamed of my story, of my past – which shouldn’t be the case.”

While Jane Doe has been silenced for years, she now has the backing of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Alyssa Milano, who sparked the #MeToo movement last year, heard about Jane Doe’s story and has joined the fight to change the laws. She will speak to Langdon on tonight’s episode about her new campaign #LetHerSpeak.

This episode of 60 Minutes will air on Channel Nine at the special time of 7pm tonight.