Take a peek inside our Editor in Chief's wedding day.

On Sunday our beautiful Editor in Chief Jamila Rizvi got married to her partner Jeremy and, we’re just going to say it, it was possibly the best wedding ever.

The location was Stones of the Yarra Valley in Victoria. The styling – by The Style Co – was perfect. The weather was divine. (And the wine was also rather nice.)

We thought it would be rude to keep all the pictures to ourselves – so here they are.

We’ve also got interviews with Jamila’s hair stylist Lauren MacKeller and makeup artist Hannah Sinkinson about how they created Jamila’s look below the gallery.

The Hair.

Jamila’s hair was styled by Lauren MacKeller at Edwards and Co in the Melbourne CBD. 

Did Jamila tell you what she wanted for her wedding hair or did you work together?

We had a few practices and brainstorming sessions in the couple of hair appointments leading up to the wedding. We were originally thinking of doing an ‘out’ style and it wasn’t until the few days leading up to the wedding that Jamila made the decision to go ‘up’. So we just rolled with it and did it on the day. She’s very trusting and basically let me do my own thing!

How would you describe Jamila’s wedding hair?

Romantic, soft, and whimsical.

What was the inspiration?

I took inspiration from the beautiful detailing in the dress, that I wanted to show off by lifting the hair well off the neck. Also the setting of the wedding was at the very beautiful Stones in the Yarra valley, so I wanted the hair to reflect with that and to not be too formal or ‘done’.

Talk us through the process. What time did you start in the morning and how long did it take?

We started at 6.45am! It was a two-part process, as I had to curl the hair and let it set while Jamila had her makeup done. Then I sectioned the hair from ear to ear, and made a high ponytail base to anchor the hair to (there's a lot of it!)


I had left a 3cm perimeter of hair around the hairline, which I then swept up into the ponytailed hair, gently twisting and pinning sections around to create a soft unstructured bun shape, leaving some looseness so that it didn't look too 'bridal'.

Then the sides of the front were gently raked back with my fingers so that the wave was still visible and not too tight. The final sections were the front which I used my hands to create a bit of lift (with the help of a volumising dry texture spray called Uplifting Root Blast by Bamboo) so that there was soft volume and texture at the front.

I wanted it to look a bit organic and not overly combed or worked.

Did you have to do anything in particular to make sure the hairstyle stayed in tact? How many bobby pins did you use?

Haha a few!! I joked that my wedding gift to Jamila was the 200 bobby pins that she had just inherited and that if she couldn't get it out at the end of the day, I could pretty much guarantee it would still be in and looking great the next day. It wasn't going anywhere!

Jamila has a lot of hair and it can be quite heavy, which is why I used the ponytail as a base and broke the hairstyle down into a few parts- it needed a bit of scaffolding! But the overall look still needed to be effortless and she wore it beautifully.

What do you love about the style?

I loved the final touches of the flowers underneath at the back, and the softness through the top; by keeping all the hair off her face, Jamila looked fresh and elegant all at the same time.

Did you do anything else special that we need to know about?

Lots of anti humidity products to keep the frizz at bay - I used End doctor and Builders Paradise, both by Evo.


You can find out more about Lauren MacKeller on her website here, or follow her on Instagram here. 

The makeup

When it comes to bridal beauty, what are the main considerations?

I think when it comes to brides, they should look and feel like the best version of themselves. Whether that is fresh, natural and pretty, or a little more glamorous, I think it's important they stay true to their own style.

During a consultation, I determine whether they want a dewy or matte foundation finish, and if the focus is on the eyes or lips. You also don't need a lot of makeup on your wedding day 'for the photos' , despite what you may have heard! Finally, it is important you feel confident and comfortable with your makeup artist and hairstylist, have trials, bring in reference photos, and let them know if you have any questions or concerns.

Do you have to factor in the dress when you're choosing which makeup?

Definitely! The makeup should reflect they style of the dress. For example fresh, dewy makeup for a bohemian bride or velvety skin and a red lip for a sultry 1940's style bride. The makeup, hairstyle, dress and accessories should all work together to make the bride look a million dollars.

Are you able to give us a break down of the products you used?

Base - I used Smashbox hydrating primer to create a perfect and even canvas, and then buffed in Makeup Forever HD foundation. I set the base with a dusting of Makeup Forever HD powder, and did a light contouring with NARS bronzer in Laguna. Highlight was MAC in Soft and Gentle. I also used a pink MAC blush in Dainty. Concealer is always my last step, after applying the eye makeup, and I used MAC select cover up under Jamila's eyes and around the nose.

Eyes - I used fairly neutral colours on Jamila's eyes, we were going for quite a natural makeup look, as her dress was so sparkly I didn't want too many distracting factors. I used a light bronze on the lid, a medium brown matte shade in the crease and under the eyes. I also used a gold on the inner corner. All eye shadows were MAC. I then used MAC gel liner in Black Track along the lash line, extending into a small wing on the outer corner. I also used individual false lashes along the entire lash line for a full but still natural false lash effect. Mascara was Eyeko waterproof. I also filled in and shaped Jamila's eyebrows with MAC eyebrow shadow in dark brown.


Lips- MAC lip liner in Subculture and MAC lipstick in Modesty. The eyes were the focus of this makeup so we chose a fairly neutral lip colour.

How long did it take?

About 30-40 minutes. We stopped and started a few times to have her hair curled and pinned.

Did Jamila have a vision of what she wanted or did you work together?

Jamila was so great and trusted me to know what would look best on her. We worked together to create a look that she loved. At the trial her only request was a more natural, pretty makeup, and pink tones on the lip and cheeks.

What did you do to ensure the makeup stayed on all day?

Prime! A great primer can work wonders on ensuring your makeup lasts for hours. I also used MAC fix + spray after the makeup was complete, which is a setting spray that helps the makeup last. I also recommend setting any liquids with powder. You don't need a lot, just a light dusting to stop any products smudging or settling in lines.

What products did you recommend Jam keep in her bag for touch ups?

A lip gloss to touch up during the day, and blotting papers to stop any shine.

You can find out more about Hannah Sinkinson on her website here, or follow her on Instagram here.