Editor's Picks: 8 online buys I'm loving this week.

Our Editor-in-Chief is a shopper with a problem. In an effort to curb her addiction, she’s sharing the best things she’s found on the web this week with you (and trying very, very hard not to purchase them herself).

At seven months pregnant, my wardrobe has become about as uninteresting and uniform as a banana in pyjamas. The result is, I have taken to wandering the shop floor of David Jones and just touching things that I wish I could buy and wear.

I lovingly stroke the cropped tops, cinch-waisted skirts, the highest of high heels, the fitted zipper frocks… and sigh wistfully. One day I think – in the manner of a French revolutionary with a far less worthy cause – one day soon I will wear these.

So this week my fashion picks are very much in this vein. They are 50 percent things I am buying and wearing (think drapery and comfort) and the other 50 percent are what I wish I could pull off.

1. Mi-Pac All Over Stars Backpack in Aqua from ASOS.

RRP $43.00

Backpacks are not just for computer geeks, Alex Mack and small children anymore. They’re genuinely ‘on-trend’ according to the Fashion People and this is just one of the fun, funky ones I found on ASOS (there are heaps more). They also make the commute to work more comfortable and put far less strain on your muscles.

2. Pearl Waterfall Blanket Coat from Forever New.

RRP $199.00

Do you watch Scandal? It’s a trashy US television show, made by the woman behind Grey’s Anatomy except set in Washington amongst the political elite (and seriously dodgy). The lead character is called Olivia Pope, who is not only ridiculously fierce and cool but also manages to never drop food on her all white and cream wardrobe. Buying this coat will be like playing dress ups to look like her…

3. Opponent Jumpsuit from David Jones.

RRP $310.00

Yes this is expensive BUT BUT BUT hear me out. It’s actually worth double the price (it’s on sale at the moment so it would be a crime not to consider the purchase). The fabric is absolutely beautiful – plus it’s classic and cool at the same time.


Think of this jumpsuit as an investment because you could wear it to a work function with a blazer, add a fancy necklace to take it out to dinner and it could also work for a night out dancing at a club (I can’t remember the last time I did this but I hear it’s what the young people do).

4. Letter Marquee Light from Typo.

RRP $59.95

I’m not quite sure how I have lived a life until now that failed to include multiple giant letters that light up.

5. First Fires Skirt by CAMEO, available from The Iconic.

RRP $189.95

Skirt of the season alert. A-line to just below the knee is elegant, lady-like and it flatters pretty much every body type. If you like showing off your waist then try a long cropped tank top with it (like the one pictured), if you want to cover your upper arms then pick a single tone knitted jumper and if you’ve got fabulous breasts then grab a floaty silk crepe blouse with the top buttons left undone.

6. Origami Tote by Mimco.

RRP $299.00

I love a big bag and this one from Mimco is $200 off. I can promise from experience (I’m a big fan of Mimco bags) that this will last you several years. The simple white and tan combination makes it feel fresh but the colours won’t date.

7. Limitless High Neck Midi Dress from David Jones.

RRP $139.00

If you’re broad shouldered like me then a halter-neck dress is your best buddy. Every time I go out at the moment, I see every woman over 27-years-old dressed in grey, black and white. It’s all very fancy and classy friends, but you can’t let the 19-year-olds be the only ones who get to have fun with colour.

8. Framed Art Print from Society 6.

RRP $34.00

Nuff’ said.

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