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Mamamia has some engagement news.





Here’s a little news that’s definitely brightened up the Mamamia day.

Our fantabulous Editor-in-Chief Jamila Rizvi is engaged!



Jam and her (extremely lucky) man Jeremy are currently on a holiday in the US, and she thoughtfully woke up the entire team this morning with a group text that triggered a gazillion frenzied replies. Never has the diamond ring emoticon appeared so many times in a row.

Check out the story and adorable pic she posted to her Facebook page today:


A few years ago, in a drunken braggart moment with mates, I declared that the only marriage proposal I’d ever accept would be during question time in the parliament.

It soon became a running joke, which Jeremy took to a much grander level today by proposing inside the actual House of Representatives of the US Congress in Washington DC.

My boy got halfway through his speech before nerves and tears got the better of him. While the pretty sparkly thing distracted me for a bit, I was soon forced to point out that Jez had forgotten the actual asking me to marry him part.

This was quickly remedied through more tears and kissing, as the House debated whether or not Congress should be allowed to sue the President. Political nerd paradise.

For those needing to reassure my mother, I did say yes when eventually asked and Jez made the remainder of his intended speech outside the chamber after recovering himself.

Am blissfully happy and probably a little tipsy as well, thanks to delicious champagne at the Jefferson Hotel. This marriage thing is going to be SO much fun.


We had bets here at Mamamia that Jeremy would pop the question in New York, but we should have known a couple of gorgeous nerds would seal the deal in DC.

Congratulations you crazy kids.

(P.S. Jam – please come home soon. We can’t figure out how to turn off the office TVs. We had to sit through a midday movie starring one of the kids from 90210 today. “IT WAS AMAZING!” – Rosie. “No. It wasn’t. Get back to work.” – Mia.)