BREAKING: Mamamia has a new baby! AN ACTUAL BABY.

And we couldn’t be more thrilled.

We are delighted to announce the birth of our newest baby. Not a new website but an actual baby. And by ‘ours’ we mean the baby of Mamamia’s Editor-In-Chief, Jamila Rizvi . But we’re feeling like he belongs to all of us.

Yes, our wonderful boss lady has just given birth to a beautiful, happy, healthy (and so far well-behaved) baby boy.

Jamila and her lovely husband, Jeremy Smith, welcomed their first child late last night. And gave him a very cute name to match.

Rafi Fileborn Rizvi-Smith was born at 10.32pm last night and according to his mother:

“He is very quiet, well-behaved and sweet. Given who his parents are, this is baffling. We’re officially in love.”

Jam and Jeremy are officially in love with their new baby, Rafi.

Jamila also told us that Rafi did not cry during the immunisations that were administered immediately after his birth.

When the midwives (who happened to be keen Mamamia readers) expressed surprise about this, Jamila explained that while in utero, he had been exposed to many facts about immunisation via his mother’s many many conversations and posts on the subject. So he was happy to be getting ALL THAT GREAT VACCINATION GOODNESS into his vulnerable little body ASAP.

That’s our boy!

The biggest of congratulations to Jamila and Jeremy. We can’t wait to meet little Rafi. And sniff his gorgeous newborn little baby head.

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