Jamie Oliver's 'life hack' is setting the world on fire. No, really.

Jamie Oliver’s advice is causing toaster fires around the globe.

We would trust Jamie Oliver with pretty much anything in our kitchens — and possibly our first-born child — but it seems that sometimes he can put a foot wrong.

Some time ago, the master foodie Jamie Oliver contributed an article to the Guardiansharing his secrets for the perfect toast. His advice included how best to apply your butter, and how to cut your bread to suit your mood. (Mmmmkay).

Among Oliver’s handy hints was this little gem:

“In the past, I have turned the toaster on its side, put cheese on bread and slid it in so it toasts on one side and melts on the other. It’s a bit of a jiggle but it works.”

Genius right? Nothing worse than a soggy bottom.


Not only does Oliver’s tip not work, it’s actually pretty dangerous. New York Magazine reports the Guardian were forced to quickly add a disclaimer after discovering the London Fire Brigade had previously been called to put out a toastie fire.


And it appears this little life hack is still wreaking kitchen havoc.

Susan Dale from Manchester, UK is this ‘time saver’s’ latest victim. She took to Facebook last week to share a word of warning.

But brilliant idea it was not.

“There must be other people as daft as me,” said Dale. We’ve no doubt there are. In fact, had it not been for Dale’s message, we might have fallen victim to the toaster-trap ourselves…

As they say in the (grilling) business, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.

Cheesy toast rules. Remember Sizzler Cheese Toast? Here is how you make it:

Video via Greg's Kitchen