Jamie Murphy: Teenager arrives back in Perth after Bali drug ordeal.

Perth teenager Jamie Murphy has arrived back in Perth with his family after being released from police custody in Bali on suspicion of carrying drugs.

The 18-year-old arrived at the Perth Airport with his mother and father, who had flown to Bali to be with their son, around 11:45pm (local time).

The Murphy family did not depart through the arrival gate but was instead taken through an alternative exit to an awaiting van.

A number of people were waiting for the family and departed with them, as Mr Murphy shielded his face from media.

Mr Murphy’s Bali holiday ended after four days, almost two of those days were spent in custody at a Kuta police station.

He was detained on Tuesday after he was found carrying 1.6 grams of a white powder while inside a local nightclub.

Police had suspected it was cocaine, but it was later confirmed the powder contained painkillers, caffeine and cough medicine.

Bali police also confirmed there were no drugs detected in Mr Murphy’s blood and urine.

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