Mad Men actor's baby died days after wife's C-section, due to a tragic medical "mistake".

British actor Jamie King who lost his son five days after his wife’s caesarean says he will not stop fighting for justice, after an inquest found his baby died because the C-section was delayed by 12 hours.

The Tudors and Mad Men actor has urged other parents to take notes throughout childbirth so “no one can twist your story” after saying he believed “covering up mistakes is still a very common practice” in the NHS.

King and his wife, Canadian actress Tamara Podemski, 39, welcomed their son Benjamin to the world in May last year. At the time of Benjamin’s birth, Podemski was already 14 days overdue and was classified as having a high-risk pregnancy. She had been due to undergo a caesarean at 8pm on May 4 last year but that procedure was delayed until 8am the following day after another case was given priority.

Podemski was then rushed back to hospital at 5am the next morning before her scheduled caesarean, experiencing prolonged contractions. Benjamin came into the world just two hours later via emergency c-section, dying five days after the birth.

On Tuesday, Avon Coroner’s Court ruled baby Benjamin was born in “poor condition” and died due to a delay in his delivery at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, England.

Jamie King. Image via Getty.

In a statement, 35-year-old King criticised the NHS in the UK, alleging an inquest into his son's death heard "misremembered stories, altered accounts, deflection and diversion".

"Left with so many unresolved issues and unanswered questions we feel compelled to appeal directly to expectant parents in the hope that this does not happen to them," he said.


"At two weeks overdue, we were rushed into hospital in an ambulance following a deceleration in our baby's heart rate.

"We were scheduled for a C-section to happen later that day but, shockingly, that evening - without giving us any clear reasons - they bumped our procedure to the following morning.

"They ignored our objections and they sent us home. We believed them when they said it was safe to go home but it is now very clear that we should have never been sent home that night."

Canadian actress Tamara Podemski. Image via Getty.

King further encouraged expectant parents to document their dealings with hospitals prior, and during, the birth, alleging that witness statements had been altered in the investigations into their son's death.

"That way, no one can twist your story or play with the facts at a later date," he said. "Most importantly, though, you mustn't allow them to dismiss you the way that they have dismissed us."

"We will continue our fight for justice for our Benjamin and we will make sure that his story is told.

"We have been informed by the coroner that the matter of the altered witness statements has been reported to the police. We hope that there will be a thorough investigation."

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