Fluff: Is James Blunt lying about his own age?







British singer-song-writer James Blunt has been fudging some numbers with more zeal than a corrupt politician writing the budget papers.

The singer was interviewed by Robin Bailey on Brisbane‘s 97.3 FM this week and talked music, pranks and…. ageing.

Bailey asked Blunt how he felt about turning the big 4-0. But Blunt wasn’t so keen on that question because it’s really not on his radar; after all he’s only just past 30.

Or is he….?

We hate to act like a 13-year-old who didn’t bother to research their school assignment properly but according to the popular online encyclopaedia Wikipedia, Blunt has just turned 40.

A little more internet digging reveals that it’s a universally acknowledged online truth that James Blunt was born in 1974. While we can’t be absolutely sure, we suspect that James Blunt might just be faking his age. What a rebel.

Here’s the video…

He’s proven to be a prankster in the past from some of his hilarious tweets so maybe he’s just having us all on. Click through our gallery of James Blunt’s finest moments.

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