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FLUFF: The new celebrity couple that came straight from your sweetest dreams.







In news that will either warm your heart or crush your soul, a new celebrity couple has been spotted.

Yes, spotted. On dinners, taking in a ball game and partying together.

It’s a match made in romantic comedy heaven…

Wait for it…


Rachel McAdams, of Mean Girls fame…

and Jake Gyllenhaal, star of our bedtime dreams…

Perfection, RIGHT?

Absolute Hollywood romantic comedy heaven.

So, let’s be straight here: This genetically blessed pair are currently filming a movie together in Pittsburgh and their romantic meetings could just be co-star bonding. It’s possible they’re just buddies who work together and talk about their acting skills by candlelight.

But do buddy/co-star dinners really need to turn into a basketball game, and then an after party like theirs did this week?

Surely not.

There are some extremely important factors at play here: Gyllenhaal has been supposedly single since breaking up with supermodel Alyssa Miller last December, and McAdams was most recently dating music producer Patrick Sambook.

But to be honest, Ratrick doesn’t sound nearly as good at Jaychel, does it?


Look at this beautiful, blurry couple – captured here by a stranger called Michael Duganier and shared on his Instagram:


Without definitive proof that Jaychel/Rake/Gylladams/McAdamhaal are a thing, we will quietly fantasize about their lives together, what their kids would look like, and what Rachel could wear to the wedding….


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Did we miss any?


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