The latest celebrity to do a sexy selfie in a bikini. She's 40.

Oh look. Another celebrity look-at-me photo shared via social media.

Today’s is from Jada Pinkett Smith, who’s Will Smith’s wife. She tweeted a picture of herself in a bikini at the beach as a way to inspire women her age. She wrote: “To my Forty and over crew! Don’t believe the hype…we DO get better with age!”

What are your thoughts on the celebrity sexy selfie?

Here’s what we had to say about the trend it in a recent post called ‘are these shots about control or just look at me?’

Photos of celebrities in swimmers is not new. Gossip mags are full of stalkerazzi shots of famous people, often on holidays, caught in their cossies. What’s new is that now the celebrities are taking these shots THEMSELVES. And sharing them with the world.

Have the hunted now become the hunters? Of themselves? And is this a bit weird?

Demi Moore

Blame Demi Moore. She started it. Back when she was still married to Ashton Kutcher, we were all treated to the slightly sad spectacle of Demi taking a shot of herself with her phone while staring at her bikini-wearing self in the mirror.

Not sure why she took  it. Wait, yes we are. To prove that she may be 50 but she’s still hot. Ok yes you are. Now put it away.

Reality star Lisa Rinna jumped on board the sexy selfies train by taking a similar shot of herself in what she called ‘a tribute’ to Demi and tweeting it to her thousands of followers.

Ever since then, it’s been an avalanche of celebrities wanting to show us what they look like with most of the clothes off. It’s like a press release because they know it will be widely shared on social media and appear in mainstream media as well.

Body selfies. Self sexting. Sexy selfies. Matser-bexting.

Is it a way for celebrities to reclaim their bodies from the papapparazzi? Control their image? Or simply the latest example of extreme narcissism?