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Jacqui Lambie issues statement after misusing a photograph of a policewomen in a burka on her Facebook page.

PUP Senator Jacqui Lambie was reprimanded after she posted this controversial image of a woman in a burka on her Facebook page:

Lambie’s use of the image as political propaganda in her campaign against the burka has been called “an insult” and “misappropriation” by the photographer Lana Slezic.

“It’s a misappropriation of Malalai Kakar’s identity of her family. It’s an insult to her family and her children and I’m appalled by the way it’s been used really.

“All the women of Kandahar knew who she was and knew they could come to her with their problems. Problems like domestic violence, rape, forced marriage.”

Lambie has now released a statement that reads:

An intruder has jumped the fence and made it into the White House.

The White House

On Friday a 42-year-old man named Omar J Gonzales was able to pass US Security Forces and make it into the front doors of the White House before being apprehended.

The security breach is said to be one of the most significant since President Obama took office.

Obama and his family were not at the White House during the intrusion.

Mr Gonzales has been arrested and is currently being evaluated by medical professionals.

60,000 Syrian Kurds have crossed into Syria to escape the Islamic State.

Over 60,000 Kurdish civillians have fled their homes into Turkey over the last few days, in anticipation of an attack by the Islamic State on the Syrian village of Kobani.

The town is a particular target as it is located near the border, blocking the Sunni Muslim militants from advancing their cause in the north of the country.

It is believed the Islamic State is currently within 15 kilometres of the town.


Abdullah Shiran, 24, told news agency Reuters, “They (Islamic State) killed many people in the villages, cutting their throats. We were terrified they would cut our throats too.”

New Zealand election results announced:

John Key

John Key from The National Party has won a third term as Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Key’s party won 48.1 per cent of the vote. The National Party thus hold 61 of the 121 seats in parliament, under New Zealand’s proportional voting system.

The Labour party won 25 per cent of the vote, the Greens 10 per cent, and the New Zealand First Party 9 per cent.

“This is a victory for those who refused to be distracted and knew that a vote for National was a vote for a brighter future,” Mr Key said. 

“We are the finest little nation on the planet, I truly believe that. Our future as a country is bright, our opportunities are unlimited.”

A Tasmanian man with a brain injury has gone missing overnight.

John Norrish, 48, from Launceston was camping with friends at Narawntapu National Park when he was reported missing yesterday.

Norrish is said to have a brain injury, and walk with a limp.

Senior Sergeant Simon Conroy has said“His friends left him at the campsite at 8:00am, we can confirm he was at the campsite at 8.30am because a ranger saw him.

“We have an unconfirmed sighting of him on the beach at 11:00am. Beyond that we are unsure as to where he is.

“It’s very thick and dense vegetation in this area, back to the dunes, so if he got in it he might be disorientated.”

Emergency crews will search a 90 square kilometre area in the hopes of finding Norris today.