Jacob Elordi knows Saltburn will make you scream.

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Saltburn is a movie that will have you screaming at the screen, according to its star Jacob Elordi. 

The film, which is both a black comedy and psychological thriller, was written, directed, and co-produced by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Emerald Fennell and is now streaming on Prime Video.

Saltburn tells the story of Oliver Quick (played by Barry Keoghan) a scholarship student who is struggling to fit in at the University of Oxford with his more affluent fellow students. Oliver then begins to befriend the popular Felix Catton (played by Jacob Elordi) and after the news of his father's sudden death, Felix invites him to spend the summer at his family's immense country house, Saltburn.

This is where Oliver is introduced to Felix's somewhat eccentric family. His mother Lady Elspeth Catton (played by Rosamund Pike), father Sir James Catton (played by Richard E. Grant), and sister Venetia Catton (played by Alison Oliver) all become enamoured with the visiting student. But as Oliver's infatuation with Felix grows, life within the walls of Saltburn goes slowly off the rails.

Since Saltburn's premiere at the Telluride Film Festival in 2023, its theatrical release, and now its streaming release on Prime Video, the film has become just as well known for its viral moments (Saltburn-themed videos have garnered nearly four billion views on TikTok alone, while the film captured over three million influencer and creator engagements with a combined reach of 166 million), as it has for its darkly comedic script and riveting performances.

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Australian actor Jacob Elordi said his first experience of seeing the movie through the eyes of an audience was in his Queensland hometown, a moment he remembers vividly. 

"I went to a screening of the picture in Brisbane when it first played," he said to Mamamia via Prime Video. "It was unbelievable because everybody was engaged and sort of gasping at the screen, then screaming and yelling at the screen and everything like that. I haven't been in a movie like that in a really, really long time. 

"You don't really see things like that in mainstream movies," he continued. "So it's just great that it was allowed to kind of push those boundaries and expose people like that I think."

The 26-year-old Queensland actor first rose to fame with a leading role in the popular The Kissing Booth film franchise on Netflix, and has since portrayed Elvis Presley in the Priscilla Presley biopic Priscilla and was one of the breakout stars of the critically acclaimed drama series Euphoria.

With Saltburn's Felix, Elordi made it his mission to make the character as different as possible from his previous roles, noting that Felix's immense wealth and privilege could be felt in the ways he moved and talked. 

"I just tried to find a looseness in Felix," he said of his character preparation. "There is a kind of relaxed nature to people that don't have to work for anything because everything comes to them, so I think I just tried to find that in my physicality, maybe but it was a lot less cerebral than that.


"It was kind of quite wonderful because in my life so far I have played pretty stiff characters," he said. "So it was nice to be able to do this because I'm not very stiff myself, I'm quite loose and floppy. It was nice to be able to play that part of myself, which comes a little easier than standing rigid in our high school hallway."

While he did find some similarities between himself and his character Felix, Elordi was also quick to point out that the traits of this character can be found in everyone.  

"I went to an 'old boys' private school so maybe there's something in that which ties the two of us together," he said. "I'm sure I've seen a few Felixs in my time and in all of us." 

Saltburn is a beautiful mix of sharp comedy and thoughtful family drama, with a cast that delivers audiences a beautifully wicked tale of privilege and desire, with some twists and turns you will not see coming.

If you've already devoured the film then it's worth a second watch, as the world Emerald Fennell has created is incredibly layered and you'll start to see different story threads each time you watch it.

And if you have yet to lay eyes upon this viral sensation of a film, then you need to rectify that straight away. You can't be the only person not talking about Saltburn.

Saltburn is now streaming on Prime Video.

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