Seven Year Switch's Jackie has the most enviable baby shower.

Isn’t this just a little bit sweet?

Jackie, from Seven Year Switch, has shared charming photos from her baby shower that she celebrated over the weekend.

With just eight weeks until her due date, the former reality star was spoilt by close friends and family.

Not only did the food make us all very, very hungry, but she certainly accumulated quite the nice set of baby gifts.

I'll have one of everything, please and thank you. Images via Instagram

A notable mention must also go to the cake because this just wasn't any cake.

It was a: "vanilla bean butter cake with passionfruit curd, raspberry compote and vanilla bean swiss meringue buttercream".

That is definitely something for the pool room.


Of course, we have also failed to mention just how stunning Jackie looked on her special day, surrounded by a group of the women closest to her.

Jackie, and her partner Tim, first announced they were expecting a baby during the reunion episode of Seven Year Switch.

Check out what the couple get up to since leaving the show. Images via Instagram. Post continues after gallery...

Despite Tim's initial reluctance to have children, on social media he seems quite ready to be a dad. Just a week ago, the couple posted this photo of Tim setting up a cot - late on a Friday night.

"How Friday nights have changed!", Jackie wrote on Instagram.

They also shared this hilarious photo of Tim, obviously trying to understand the whole pregnancy thing Jackie is going through.

"Pregnant and I feel alive and free!!" 

We can't wait to see what else is to come in the final eight weeks of Jackie's pregnancy.