Jackie O just got fat shamed on-air. By her own father.

We’re the first to admit that the relationship between dads and daughters can be complicated at the best of times, but sharing your less-than-glowing thoughts about your child’s weight to millions of Australians? Not okay.

Speaking to his daughter and her co-host Kyle Sandilands on their top-rating breakfast radio show on Thursday, Jackie O’s dad, Tony, told the 41-year old that she had “stacked on the weight” before later adding that she’d “let herself go.”

If by this point your jaw is on the floor and you’re completely flummoxed as to how anyone could say that about a woman that looks like Jackie O, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

O on holiday with husband Lee Henderson and daughter Kitty. Source: Instagram.

Explaining that this particular conversation topic was not a new one to her, O admitted that her father had also raised the issue in a recent phone conversation between the pair while she had been talking about her latest family holiday to Fiji.

Eating, Tony said on air, "wasn't irrelevant to your holiday, it was part of your holiday…consuming too much food."

Sandilands was quick to jump to the defence of his co-host. Source: Facebook

He then went on to say that his comments were prompted by O running into a former family friend when in New Zealand.

"She ran into a bloke in New Zealand who I built a house for years ago…and they were fans of Jackie years ago, and I said to Mark how is she and he wasn't very complimentary, let me tell you that.He basically said she had let herself go,' the father continued before asking his daughter, "so why have you let yourself go?"


Jackie O on holiday with her daughter,  five-year-old Kitty Mae. Source: Instagram.

Amazingly, O managed to not hang up or burst into tears and responded, "Dad, that is just rude…You and mum are always having a go at me about my weight."

But because sometimes people just really don't know when to stop digging Tony replied, "You have to remember, no one ever says anything nice to fat people."

Here's what we hoped O did following the on-air segment. Post continues... 

Video via KIIS FM

But stepping up to the plate to have her back was Sandlilands, who jumped in saying "Isn't it called happy fat? I am at my happiest with a lamington in one hand and my 25-year-old girlfriend in the other. That is happy."

Hopefully, dear old Tony refrains from making similar comments to his five-year-old granddaughter Kitty Mae.